The leaders of the opposition in Bihar, Manipur and Goa met the respective governors and demanded that they must be called to form the Government as they have the numbers in the form of the single largest party in the Assembly.

RJD leaders Tejashwi Yadav raised this issue and all others followed suit. They said that the Governors of Goa, Manipur and Bihar must follow the method of Karnataka Governor and call them to prove the majority as they have the majority in the form of the single largest party.

The BJP government at the centre is in a dilemma over the issue. First, they have to fight it out in Karnataka and then have to face the ire of the opposition in other 3 states. Earlier they have bulldozed and came into power but they are being questioned and are in trouble.

RJD leaders Tejashwi Yadav

If the BJP gets power in Karnataka as the single largest party then they have to give the opportunity to the opposition in other states also.

Otherwise, there could be a constitutional crisis if one state agrees for single largest majority and other states implement the coalition majority. The Congress party, on the other hand, has done dharnas across the country on the attitude of the Karnataka governor that he invited the BJP unilaterally and did not allow the majority of the Congress and JDS combine. One can come to a conclusion that all the not well with the way the Governments are formed across the country.