jr ntr

With Senior leaders taking an exit from the TDP, there is a talk in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana that only Junior NTR can save the party. It is almost 10 years that NTR is away from politics and also away from the TDP.

It was NTR who saved the party once by campaigning for the elections. Now that Lokesh the son of Chandrababu proved beyond doubt that he a Pappu, people are sure that he cannot lead the party in future.

So the only option left is for NTR to lead the party and salvage the image of the party. With Balakrishna on the other side, NTR can take the party forward that is for sure.


Even Vamsi who criticised the TDP chief Chandrababu in a bitter manner endorsed that someone from the NTR family can only save the TDP. Who knows Nani might also change his tune if NTR comes into the picture.

There is a chance that if Jagan the CM of AP goes to Jail in some case or the other, then there could be a shakeup in the YSRC. This will definitely prompt the TDP leaders to get closer under the leadership of junior NTR.

The big NTR and the junior NTR have the same horoscope. That is the reason people believe that junior may become the Chief Minister of AP in the near future.

Right now NTR is busy with RRR for Rajamouli and the next would be with Trivikram Srinivas.