Supreme Court


The Supreme Court has decided that it will take up only emergency petitions. The Judges whoever will followup the cases through Video conferencing.

Earlier the CJI and other Judges expressed their concern that the courts were becoming crowded and that it should be reduced to the extent possible.

Now taking the Corona effect into serious account, the Supre Court has decided that only emergency cases will be heard. A beach with two judges will take up the cases via video conferencing.

Meanwhile, Delhi is already lockdown. Except for emergency services all other things are under lockdown. The Judges have also decided that they would observe the social distance.

All the offices of the Judges in the Supreme court have been closed. As there will be no vehicular Traffic moving around, it is assumed that people may not come to any of the courts in the country.

The cases will be heard only after March depending on the Corona effect and other circumstances.