Online ticketing-police review


The Cyberabad Police conducted a review cum co-ordination meeting with the representatives from Online Ticketing Platforms and some of the major function halls / convention centres / venues in Cyberabad . The meeting was held in view of regular complaints by general public on the inconveniences being caused by conducting of various events (Cultural, entertainment, sports and recreation, etc) at different places in Cyberabad in an unplanned manner. Such unregulated events have led to severe traffic congestion, nuisance and other illegal activities in public places in the recent past.

Cyberabad Police

It was noticed by the Police that many a times, particularly during new year eve celebrations, many unscrupulous persons have conducted events by selling tickets online with exaggerated claims of service and ultimately leading to chaos and nuisance in public places.


Also, many event organisers were found to be announcing the event schedule in public and selling tickets online without even obtaining the mandatory clearance from Police, Fire, Excise, etc.

Mostly, such events will be not planned thoroughly for traffic management, crowd control, surveillance for security and hence leading to unhealthy and precarious situations to the dismay of the general public.

Cyberabad Police

During the meeting, the following instructions were issued to all the stakeholders:

  • Obtaining Police clearance before confirming the venue and online selling of tickets.
  • The event managers / organisers shall mandatorily obtain all the necessary clearances before publicising or selling tickets for the event.
  • Every function hall / convention Centre / other event hosting venues shall allocate / confirm booking only after obtaining all the legally mandatory clearances.
  • The said venues shall prepare their own traffic movement and parking plan for ready reference and also they shall keep stock of all the necessary traffic regulation equipments (barricades, cones, moveable signboards, etc)
  • The security staff of the function halls / convention centres need to be trained on effective traffic and parking management.
  • The Online Ticketing Platforms shall not put the tickets on sale without the Police clearance for the event and also they shall not sell the tickets beyond the actual capacity of the event venue in terms of parking capacity, crowd holding area, etc.
  • Any event held in contravention of the guidelines or the existing norms and leading to public safety, L&O or traffic issues would result in stringent action as per law against all the concerned i.e., event management company, Online Ticket Platforms and the venue management.

The Commissioner of Cyberabad Police, Sri V.C. Sajjanar, IPS presided the meeting .