One way the AP cine policy is right


Why should the cinema people overburden the common man with high ticket rates? No doubt people need entertainment, but not at the cost of Rs 500 a ticket.

The viewers are not asking the producers to spend a bomb and produce the movies thereby overburdening the common man. It is nothing but looting in the name of tickets and entertainment.

Now parking fee and popcorn at Rs 250. The Corn which does not cost even Rs 10 is being sold at Rs 250. Why should Chirnajeevi and Pawan Kalyan charge Rs 1 crore per day for shooting?

Movies like Jaati Ratnalu made at normal cost have generated very good entertainment and minted money at the box office. No one is asking producers to spend Rs 450 crore and then loot thousands of crores from the audience in various forms.

AP Government restricting extra shows and benefit shows is hundred per cent right and justified. But Perni Nani the Minister assured Chirnajeevi that they will look into GO as requested by the cine people.

Now the online cine ticket sellers are in trouble as they have the agreement up to 2026. What happens to them if the Government starts selling tickets online on its own is the question.