A lot of talk is going on around Srimukhi the contestant of Big Boss 3. People say that she is going to win the 50 lakh cash and also the title. There is an active campaign in social media for her and against her.

Some of them are of the opinion that the tasks are being tailor-made to see that Srimukhi will be winning the Big Boss 3 contest.

There are also posts that some other key contestants were sent out to make way for Srimukhi. There is a lot of excitement around Srimukhi fans. Srimukhi, Varun, Ali ,Rahul and Baba Bhaskar are remaining in the contest.

Big Boss

But overall there is a lot of Buzz around Srimukhi. Himaja one of the contestants alleged that the organisers were trying to help Srimukhi all the time. It was like match-fixing she charged.

Some of them pointed out that Srimuhi was just responding in advance even before the task was given and that shows that she was being pushed and projected to win the title.

But one thing is right that Srimukhi is a very active competitor among the 5 contenders for the title. On the whole, it was an interesting journey for the contestants and the audience watching the show regularly. For Nagarjuna, it has been a different experience.