One more Cheetah in Rajendranagar


A Cheetah was spotted at Gaganpahad in Rajendrangar area. The local people have spotted a Cheetah attacking the cows in a shed early this morning.

A Cheetah was caught by the forest officials in the recent times. Now another one was spotted near Gaganpahad. The matter has been reported to the police and also the forest officials.

CC cameras are being arranged to track the Cheetah here at the earliest. The Villagers were also alerted by the police. Cheetahs are on the prowl across the country in many villages.

They are coming into the human habitations and attacking the cows, dogs and other animals. The big cats have also attacked some human beings here and there.

The forest officials here in Rajendrangar are on alert to nab the big cat which is on the prowl. There is a talk that the depletion of the forest area is forcing the big cats to enter the villages for food.