NTR to become a Maharshi


Yes, it looks like Junior NTR is inspired by Maharshi of Mahesh Babu. Mahesh turns an agriculturist from an IT man. NTR purchased agricultural land measuring 6.5 acres.

There he is planning to do agriculture farming. Kushi star Pawan Kalyan and villain Prakash Raj are already into farming. Pawan Kalyan spends a lot of time on his agriculture farm. He gives interviews in his farmhouse where he has cows also.

Prakash Raj also has a farmhouse where he is growing vegetables in an organic fashion. He is selling the vegetables and other groceries in his Organic shops.

In the same fashion, junior NTR also invested in the farmlands in the RR district. Who knows that might become a real estate after he becomes an old man.

Maybe his sons will do the real estate in these 6-acre lands. Today it could be agriculture and next, it will be real estate. That is happening in and around Hyderabad.

Most of the agricultural lands have turned into real estate ventures. Right now it will be agriculture for NTR and later it could be real estate for Abhay Ram.