NTR gets 9999 number for 17 lakhs


The car costs crores and the number costed lakhs. All this is for the sentiment. Junior NTR got a new car imported for Crores and now he has purchased the number 9999 with lakhs.

His grandfather late NT Rama Rao the former chief Minister also used 9999 and his father Harikrishna also used 9999. Most of the NTR family members used the number 9999.

It has brought them a lot of success. These are called the fancy numbers and people purchase and use them for the sentiment. Most of the top film stars have these fancy numbers suiting their astrology and numerology.

Now the stars are not allowed to use tinted glasses in the name of security. They have to keep plain glasses only. Earlier NTR was fined for using tinted glasses to his car.

Apart from the number black is the favourite colour for NTR. Sometimes he uses the bike also by wearing a helmet.