NTR created history in Politics said, Venkaiah Naidu, the VP of India. People see Rama and Krishna in him. Telugu people will remember him for a lifetime. He also fought for the Telugu language Venkaiah stated. Speak in Telugu to respect NTR he suggested.

There is no one on par with NTR. I am against dynasty but when it comes to good things and good work I appreciate. Balakrishna is taking forward the good work of NTR he praised.

This cinema will become successful he opined. The entire film industry loves NTR he said. The history must be remembered and make history he said. This movie must be like a museum for NTR. You must give a message with this movie he suggested. I love NTR and his family members said Venkaiah. We are vasudyka Kutumbam he stated.


Teja is lucky to get direction said Raghavendra Rao and said he would direct one shot of this movie. Balakrishna is apt for this movie and no one can do this except Balakrishna said Allu Aravind. Director Teja said that I am NTRs fan and I am fortunate to get this movie. The story in the form of history is great and Balaiah will do justice.

NTR is not a father, but guru and god to me. NTR is the heartbeat of Telugu people Balakrishna said. He was the brand ambassador for Telugu people across the world Balaiah said. All the family members together will do this movie in the best way he assured. This movie if made properly will become 6 hours he said. This has to be done in 2.5 hours edited properly he explained.

India is looking forward for this movie he said. The script has come up very well he stated. We can do for another 20 years said Balakrishna. Directors Puri Jagannath, Boyapati Srinivas, Kodi Ramakrishna, Singeetham Srinivas, Raghavendra Rao and others were present and blessed Balakrishna.

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