NTR back to business -Aravinda Sametha


Right from big NTR to Junior, all are pucca professionals and they don’t keep the producers waiting and no producer complained about the big NTR or the junior. When Big NTR was shooting for Bheeshma, one his sons died and he was in heavy makeup as an old man. The producer will lose a lot if he removes the makeup for that day.

Those days it could be in thousands only. But NTR was a great man, he took one hour time from the producer just went to his house saw his son and came back for the shopping. That was the discipline which was observed by the top-notch stars and they have grown like that.


The same is followed by his grandson also. NTR is shooting for Aravinda Sametha under Harika and Hasini productions for China Babu. People thought after his father’s death NTR may not be in a mood to shoot for the movie and that he would take some time to get back into the groove. But NTR just joined the shoot and is doing a song in a temple set.

Trivikram the director and Chinababu the producer were very happy about this development. They even tried to convince the NTR that they would take some more time for the shooting. But NTR said that he was ready for the shoot and they should not waste the time for his convenience.

Aravinda Sametha

These days some people take time out of the shooting even they are having a cold. Some lady stars take time saying they are not feeling well. The film would be under Rayalseema background and Chittor accent. Music is by Thaman. Most of the work is going on simultaneously and ti would be released in October as planned earlier.