Now Vaccine for all above 25?


Hyderabad is slipping into the danger Zone the medical experts are saying. The Corona cases are going up on a daily basis.

You have to lead the life with the covid conditions, but one should not panic the Minister for health Etela Rajendar has suggested the people.

The Minister was addressing the media here in Hyderabad after having a review with the officials. “The entire administration is working to contain the ongoing second wave of Covid.

People must realise that a majority of the individuals, up to 95 percent, do not need hospitalisation.

However, at present, the moment a person tests positive, the entire family panics and starts looking for beds, ventilators and oxygen cylinders on their own. I urge families to not panic and continue taking precautions like wearing masks,” Rajender said.

“Youngsters above 25 years form the largest group of Covid infections and it is our duty to vaccinate them. We are hoping the Centre takes a positive decision on the issue,” he said.

On shortage of Covid vaccines in Telangana, Rajender said that by Sunday evening or Monday, about 2.7 lakh vaccine doses will reach the state.

But some medical experts are of the opinion that if one member in the family gets Corona all other must also observe the isolation process.

Some others say that the Corona is in the air and that a mask will not be in a position to prevent us from the Corona virus.