Now Srireddy blames Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar

Srireddy the name famous with the casting couch issue of Tollywood has now talked about Sachin Tendulkar the cricket god. People with name and fame are romantic she alleged. She also said that Chamundeshwarinath the friend of Sachin who showers gift on sportsperson has arranged girls for Sachin whenever he was in Hyderabad alleged Srireddy. She tweeted that extent today.

That is her latest tweet making allegations of men using ladies. Earlier also Chamundi faced such allegations that he sent players for Sachin whenever he was in Hyderabad. Chamundi earlier condemned these allegations against him.



Chamundi also was blamed for seeking sexual favour from lady players for getting them selected. After Telugu film stars, producers and Tamil directors, now Srireddy has blamed Sachin and dragged into the controversy. It has to be seen if Sachin would react on these allegations.

Or it could be just for the sake of publicity that she has used the name of Sachin Tendulkar to stay afloat in the newspaper and publicity.