Now people have time to make love

people have time to make love

Ever since the concept of work from home has started the lovemaking gaps have come down. Apart from work they also have time to cook and make love.

Some medical shop owners have said that they are selling contraceptives like pills in large quantities. People who are buying condoms have doubled.

The purchase of love toys has also increased across the country. With the work from Home concept being a success many of the IT companies are trying to continue it for the next six months.

Naturally the people who are staying at home will also have time to make love and they need pills and condoms also. Many couples especially the ladies are thanking Corona as it has forced the men to stay at home and spend time in the house.

Some men are doing the work of sweeping and swapping while some others are cooking and making love regularly. There are reports that people are watching porn sites on regular basis and the traffic to these websites is on the rise. Again thanks to the Covid conditions.

If there is one sector which is very happy, with the Corona outbreak, that is the medical line. They are selling medicines, pills and condoms in a big way.

Mask has become a regular item for purchase apart from the sanitiser. Even the Ayush stalls and ayurvedic stalls, apart from Ramdev Baba stalls and products are doing good business these days.