To widen the scope of the film market, most of the Tollywood movies are being in such a fashion that they are released in other languages also. Actors or stars like Prabahas, Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu and NTR to some extent have markets in Tamil, Kannada and Hindi languages also.

If the movie is made in Tollywood it can be made in other languages also.

Taking this into account the directors are adding pan India actors to the movie so that the movie gets the recognition in other languages also and it can be sold easily.

It started with Baahubali and the movie has earned a thousand crores. Ram Gopal Varma was the first director who has recognised this scope along ago and started his office in Mumbai. He made tonnes of money with Satya which was a Telugu film first.

Now the latest is that Puri Jagannadh the director who was trained in RGV school has set up his office by name Puri connects in Mumbai. Maybe Puri has thought it fit to shift the base to Mumbai so that he can make Pan India movies from Mumbai and also can have Vodka with RGV.

He is currently making a movie with Vijaydevarakonda in five languages in collaboration with Dharma Productions. Karan Johar liked the story of fighter and he will be producing the movie along wiht puri connects and also distributing it in Bollywood.

Making a movie and then distributing it in 5 languages will make all the difference at the box office. In one weeks time, the movie will make profits. As the market is wide in Bollywood when compared to the Tollywood.

On the other hand Puri is also planning to make movies as part of web series. Mumbai will be the ideal location for that. That is the reason he has started Adda in Mumbai.