Now Chiru looks at BJP


Megastar Chiranjeevi is a clever man. He has grown from rags to riches on his own. There is no godfather to him in his career. Even i in politics he could close the Praja Rajyam shop by holding hands with the Congress party.

Now that the Congress party is doldrums, he has no other option but to look at the BJP. His brother Jana Sena Chief who is already supporting ghee BJP is in safe hands.

Taking this into account Chiranjeevi made a statement that his family is always with one party. Now the one party is the Jana Sena headed by his brother. His brother Pawan Kalyan is already in the safe hand of the BJP. They are working together in the state and if Chiranjeevi supports Janasena, that means he is with the BJP.

This si the latest from the meg family and megastar himself in particular. He is indirectly supporting the BJP for the political future of his brother and his family memes in general. He is no longer with the Congress as it has no life in the Telugu states.

We have to see how far this relationship continues.