Balaiah is busy with his movie ruler being directed by SA Rajkumar. Ruler the title is not yet finalised. It is reported that Balaiah was earlier charing around 7crore per movie. But he has taken 10 crore for Paisa Vasool from Puri Jagannadh and did whatever the director wanted.

Balaiah the Nata Simham is basically a directors actor. Now for the Ruler also he is charging 10 crore it is reported. This is the movie Balaiah is banking on after the disaster called NTR in two parts.

Krish the director could not project the movie properly and it was just a drag praising Balaiah indirectly which was uncalled for. The two parts which were released one after the other just bombed at the box office.

Now Balakrishna wants a hit and he is doing the movie ruler with a dual role for Rajakumar. The next again he will be working with Puri Jagannath it is learnt. It is for Puri connects.

Introducing his on Moksh is also on the cards. They are in search of the right script for Moksh. The new getup of Balakrishna in the form of Ironman is a super-duper hit with the masses.

Let’s hope Balaiaih will make a comeback.