Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that soon a law would be enacted to see that Linking of Aaadhar will become a must. This is to avoid fake licences he said. He gave the example of drivers escaping after getting involved in big accidents and then going to other states and getting fake licences. If Aadhar is linked, they might change the name, but will get caught in the biometrics he said.

This will help to avoid the fake licence in a big way and to bring the culprits to the book he said. The Aaadhar will also help in inking on all the penalties and fines. One cannot escape or evade the penalties levied for wrong driving and other errors committed during the driving. There are about 124 crore Aaadhar card holders in India. There should be better driving schools and that rules must be strictly implemented while issuing the driving licence the minister opined.