Notices to Centre-Fadnavis & Ajit

ajith pawar


The Supreme Court has issued notices to Central Government along with the Government of Maharashtra the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister. So there will not be any floor test today and the final order by the court will be issued on Monday.

The Supreme Court meanwhile will study the order of the Governor. The BJP advocates have argued that the Governor was immune from the court orders and that his orders cannot be reversed.

The Order on the floor test will come on Monday it is reported. The supreme court has also sought the letters of support of the MLAs to prove the majority of the Present Chief Minister and Deputy chief minister.

Kapil Sibal is arguing for Shiv Sena. Now the BJP has to show the letter of support and also prove the majority on the floor of the house. The fina order on the subject matter will be given on Monday at about 10-30in the supreme court.