nagarjuna biggboss

There is a talk and publicity about the final results of Big Boss 3. Earlier the photo of Srimukhi was published as the winner and then it is Rahul’s name as the winner of the Big Boss.

Nagarjuna stated that the news about the winners being publicised is not true. Its not Rahul or Srimukhi the results will be decided by this evening in the latest episode he stated.

So warned the audience and the media not to jump the gun. It will be Chiranjeevi who would be announcing the winner it is reported. Chiranjeevi has agreed to be the Chief Guest of the function for Big Boss.

The megastar will give away the cash prize for the event. It could be anybody in the evening. There could be a surprise also it is learnt. But this night the euphoria of the Big Boss will go down.

People will have to wait for the next announcement of the latest issue of the Big Boss. So lets for the final announcement.