ramesh kumar

The MLAs who resigned did not meet met and they have come to the office after I left the office said, Speaker Ramesh. I cannot call them the other day as it was a Sunday Ramesh Explained. He was talking to the media after the rebel MLAs gave him the resignations in the speaker format.

I cannot take decisions in a hasty manner the speaker Ramesh said. I cannot approve the resignations ina lightening speed. I have to respect the people and the constitution he said.

I will respect the constitution and also the people he clarified. He will take a decision as per the constitution. I am doing my duty as the speaker of the hour.

Speaker Ramesh

I am not running away from the duty he said. I am answerable to the people. My job is not to remove or save the MLAs he clarified. He quoted from several past happenings and proceedings.

I am delaying because I love this land. I am 70 I may not live for another hundred years. I have to convince myself. I have to die in peace. What can the Governor do? What will the Chief Justice decide the speaker questioned?

cant take quick decisions the due process is most important clarified the speaker.