There is a scarcity for toilet papers in foreign countries, especially USA. it is reported that there is scarcity for essential commodities and people are piling up stocks of groceries.

The effect of Corona is very high in USA. Ther is a huge demand for Rasam powder from India in USA. There are ruours that people are using Rasam as a soup on a daily basis to ward off Corona here in USA.

It is reported that due to Corona people have stopped using toilet papers and are using water with sprinklers that is the Indian system they are very careful about the food and are using Turmeric water as antibiotic here in USA.

There are people who are dependent on whatever they have in their homes because of the lockdown in Corona. US President has suggested people not to get worried about the essential commodities and that the stores will be kept open during nights also.

But there is a huge rush at the stores for Rice and other essential commodities. The Indians are waiting desperately to come back to India. Huge demand for tickets to India is predicted in USA.

They may come back after the lockdown in India. The Indians who are in foreign countries are worried and they want to return at the earliest possible.