Rajinikanth the Super Star said that it is his discretion to align or not align with any of the political parties. He indirectly said that he was no interested in coming closer to Saffron.

It may be recalled that Radhakrishnan has met Rajiniknathin the recent times, and people started predicted about Rajinikanth coming closer to the BJP. But Rajini ruled out the same for the time being.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also met Rajinikanth in 2014 and asked for the Rajini support to the BJP. Even Kamal Hassan the other super Star from Tamilnadu also clarified that he does not like Saffron.

He also talked against Hindi proposed by the BJP Chief Amit Shah. Now it is Rajini who is not interested in coming together with the BJP. We have to see if Rajini contests in the next elections.

Both Rajini and Kamal have floated political parties but are working in the movies. Kamal is doing Bharateeyudu 2 and Rajini is busy with the launch of Darbar. May be to give some indirect publicity to Darbar Rajini could have made this statement some of them say.

There are times when Rajini praised the work of BJP and Prime Minister Modi.