Prabhas the darling may note have any film for release this year. Not only Prabahs but several others are having problems with the release. Some of them are planning for release on OTT platform.

Prabhas is ding a film with the director Radhakrishna in the name of Oh Dear. But it requires a shooting for another 3 months. After the super-duper hit of the Baahuabali, Prabahs is not having the right release. The film Saaho with Sujith also did not do well at the box office.

They got some returns at the box office in Bollywood. But overall it was a bad experience with Sujith. Now Nag Aswin the director of Mahanati is planning a movie with Prabahs at international level.

But before that Prabahs will one or two releases at the box office locally. They will be a romantic movie with Prbahs being showcased as the darling.

The industry as such is in trouble and no one knows when they are going to release movies in the theatres. The central government and the State government has to decide if they should allow for the screening of movies where people would father in large numbers.