venkaiah nayudu

The RSS is in news ever since the Congress senior leader and former President of India agreed to the address the RSS convention in Nagpur. Many Congress leaders have adviced Pranabda to reconsider his decision. Venkaiah Naidu the present Vice President of India reacted over the matter in an indirection fashion. He said that there should be no objection to anyone on the principles of the RSS.


He clarified that even the father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi acknowledged the values and practices of the RSS. Venkaiah said- “From my association with RSS, I can assure that RSS is all about self-discipline, self-respect, self-defence, self- reliance, social reform, social consciousness, social movement, selfless service, all guided by the philosophy of supremacy of the nation.”


Venkaiah Naidu also said: “I see no reason for anyone to have any objection with principles of RSS which are aimed at character development based on core ancient Indian ethos and values which advocated the philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ meaning the world is one family.”