niramala sitaraman

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharman from Telugu states said in the parliament she does not eat much of Onion and Garlic. She comes from a family who do not use much of Onions and garlic.

Nirmala was talking on the price rise of Onions across the country. It may be noted that a Kg of good Onion is costing around Rs 150. Earlier MP Supriya Sule raised the issue of the plight of Onion farmers in the country.

The farmers lost most of the Onion crop due to floods and heavy rains. The Onion farmers are small and marginal producers and they need the Government help.

Seetharman assured that the Onion farmers will get all help from the Government. She said that the production area of the Onion has gone down drastically in many parts of the country apart from the floods and rains.

Maharashtra has experienced heavy rains and crops under cultivation were submerged. Onion farmers were the worst affected due to this rains.