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Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has ordered the officials to see that no migrant worker or anyone will walk out of the state of Telangana in the name of lack of transport.

There have been instances across the country where people were walking from one state to another state with kids. The TV channels and also the social media were filled with heartbreaking schemes where children were dragged on the wheels of suitcases.

Some were using bicycles. The chief Minister taking stock of the situation has suggested that the workers must be provided with some means to transport or the other for reaching the homes in other states.

No one should walk to reach the destinations he suggested. Iff possible trains must be provided or else they must be arranged with the bus services he ordered.

The Telangana Government has already provided around 20 trains and some bus services for the migrant workers. But still, the workers are seen in rows walking on the roads to reach the destinations.

Some NGOs were providing them with food and water on the roads.