No need of a third dose- wear mask


There is a talk across the Nation that some people who are overcautious with Corona are taking the third dose unofficially in the name of a booster dose.

Some health workers are also doing this with the help of hospitals and doctors. But strictly speaking, if you observe the Covid safety rules that are enough the experts say.

The WHO has not given any guidelines regarding the booster dose and it is not official. There are doubts if the booster can be of any vaccine or one should take this same which they used for the two doses.

There is no clarity on this. Some have taken first does of one vaccine and the other of a different company. They are doing well.

It all depends on the body constitution and also immunity. If the immunity is perfect one need not go for a vaccine at all some doctors explained.

But right now people are waiting for the announcement of the booster dose. Yes or no is the question. Let us hope the Government will make a decision on this.

PM Modi has already sounded warning bells for the third wave..