No More Collector’s In Telangana State

No More Collector's In Telangana State

The revenue department is not only making changes but the new municipal law is doing a long way to make changes. In this regard, Chief Minister kcr held meeting in Pragati Bhavan and planning to bring a new law aimed at improving services and corruption.

In this context, the Department of Indian Administrative Service is expected to set up Telangana State Administrative Service. A special team will be set up by the authorities to ensure smooth governance in accordance with the state positions. CM KCR has issued directions to the Chief Executive Officer to review the issue of changing the Collector’s name to the District Administrative Officer.

This will no longer be a collector’s name in Telangana. After the name of the collector is changed, the district administration will set up a team of chief executives and appoint them to certain specific departments. The main tasks of the district level are organized by a team of officers headed by IAS officer. The changes will be made to penalize the employees responsible for delay in files.