Ramnath Kovind


President of India Ramnath Kovind today clarified that there should be no mercy for the rapists. He was reacting over the incidents of rape where the victims were burnt to death to erase the evidence.

He said that the laws of seeking pardon and other things should be reviewed in this type of cases. The President of India is if the opinion that the rapists must be punished severely and should not be pardoned as they would repeat the crime.

In some cases the culprits who were supposed to hanged were changed to a life term as they sought the Pardon of the President. More or less the President of India is also happy with the action taken against the culprits of Shadnagar.

Now there is chance that the culprits involved in the rape will be done to death and that they will not be pardoned at any cost in the near future even at the level of the President of India.