Prabhas the Baahubali star who is now doing publicity for Saaho says that he is not interested in Politics. His uncle UV Krishnam Raju is in politics and he was an MP with the BJP.

There were rumours that Prabahs in a talk with a TV Channel supported Jaganmohan Reddy and his performance in Andhra Pradesh. But Prabahas clarified that he only meant that the people of Andhra Pradesh must be happy and nothing in person about anybody.

There were some postings in the social media against Prabhas and Sahoo. Prabhas took it very easily and it is reported that Lokesh also intervened with TDP circles not to target the movie.

Now the matter is settled, Prabahs is continuing his publicity campaign for the movie. More than 300 crores has been invested in the movie. Ram Charan of Konidela production has also invested some amount and expecting 10 per cent of the profits it is reported.

There are high expectations on all versions of the movie, while Prabhas has kept his fingers crossed.

Krishnam Raju has certified that the movie is a 150 per cent hit. Top director Rajamouli has also said that Sujith the director has done well in making the movie and carried the entire burden on his shoulders.