With the BJP winning the case in the Supreme Court, there is no future for the Congress party. The Hindus across the country are maha kush with the outcome of Ayodhya.

Now Ram Lalla is the owner of the land and a grand Temple will be built there with the help of the Trust. This will definitely add to the glamour of BJP. They will get more percentage of votes in the coming elections.

We can say that there is a saffron surge in the country after the verdict of the Supreme Court. If there is an election at this point in time, the BJP will win hands down.

Now MIM Chief Owaisi has stressed that it was Congress regime when the Babri Masjid was demolished. He has held Congress for the demolition of the masjid and the present state of affairs in Ayodya.

This also helps the BJP in getting power again very easily. It is like a moral victory for the Hindu community. The Congress chief Sonia Gandhi has also supported the Ayodhya verdict and the Muslims may not vote for the Congress again.

The Temple run of Rahul Gandhi has also distanced the Muslims from the Congress. All this is an added advantage to the BJP and there will be a further surge of saffron in the country.

After the completion of the Temple in Ayodhya, the BJP gets consolidated and it is easy for the party in coming to power in the coming election. Modi will experiment with the one nation one poll at the earliest possible and return back to power.