Nagababu the Popular film actor, TV anchor and the brother of megastar Chiranjeevi said that there were no differences with the Film actor and MLA Roja when it comes to the acting part.

Both Roja and Nagababu have been judging the program called Jabardasth which is very popular on a Telugu TV Channel.

Now Nagababau has withdrawn from Jbaradasth program and is working for a different Channel. Nagababu belongs to Jana Sena while Rojay is an MLA from the YSRC.

He said that despite being from different political parties he as worked with Roja. When it comes to working in movies and small screen, the political difference does not matter he opined.

Now it is reported that Roja is working with Balakrishna for Boyapati. Balakrishna belongs to TDP and Roja now is in YSRC. She was in TDP also earlier.

So here also the same rule applies. Politics are kept aside when they are working for a creative filed. Politics don’t come in the way of acting. There are people who act and work together, and dont talk to each other.

Sridevi and Jayaprada did not tolerate each other, but they acted together in movies.