No control over traffic: Lockdown

Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar

There is no control over Traffic in the city of Hyderabad. People have come out in large nu, members after a day of Janata Curfew. Even after a lockdown in the state, the people have come out enlarge nu, members due to various reason.

Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar while addressing the media suggested people not come out in large numbers. Not more than 5 people in a place he warned. Vehicles should not come out he said.

All kinds of establishments have been shut down he stated. Autos are totally banned he said. From 7 Pm to 6 am no moving out he warned. The lockdown will be seriously implemented he said.

The DGP Mahender Reddy said that it is for the welfare of the people the Government has announced the lockdown he explained.No vehicular traffic is allowed he said.

People can purchase the essential commodities in their Mohalla he explained. Only emergency shops will be kept open he said. This is all in the interest of the people he explained.

Without lockdown, the Corona cannot be controlled he said.