Lady Amitabh and former MP Vijayashanti said that she and her husband have decided that they will have no children. This is to keep themselves away from selfishness Vijayshanti stated.

She was with movies and now she has come back to movies. She was an MP also and doing social service. having Children will make you selfish Vijayashanti opined.

That was the reason they are not having children. This will give a lot of scope to do social service Vijayashanti explained. She was a Medak MP on TRS ticket and now is in the Congress party.

She is acting in a film called Sarileru Neekevvary with Mahesh Babu. She is planning to do a movie or a two in the coming days. She has made a come back into the movies again.

She is getting more offers. We have to see if she remains in the Congress or moves to the BJP for good. Right now she is waiting for the outcome of Sarileru Neekevvaru.