While Nithin is a big star, Nikhil is an average film star in the Tollywood. Both of them were ready to get married in the Tollywood. Almost the heroes were ready for the marriages but the Corona has topped their marriages.

Now he Corona might continue in some places and lockdown might end on May 17. But we do not know when these marriages are going to happen.

It is like half marriage being done for these heroes and is waiting for the first night to happen after the marriage. Nithin got a movie released in between in the name of Bheeshma and it was a hit.

Nikhil and Nithin frustrated

Thanks to his engagement he got a hit in the process of the marriage. What more one can ask for in between the marriage. Nikhil is making a movie and in the midst of that.

But he also ready to get married. Let’s hope both of them will get married at the earliest possible. Right now the event managers are not prepared to take any orders and it will take some time of the to get ready for the marriages.

All of them working and associated with the events especially the marriages are starving.