Posting photos has become a regular feature for Film personalities. That is one way of making publicity. It is reported that Chiranjeevi is in America, but there is a Gym photo going viral on the web saying that the megastar is doing exercise to keep himself fit.

There is a talk that Kortala the director has asked Chiranjeevi to reduce the weight and build up muscles to look young in the coming movie. There are two roles for the megastar in the movie.

One is young and the other is old Chiranjeevi. First, there was a talk that Cherry the son of Chiru would play the role of young Chiranjeevi. But Koratla said that only Chiranjeevi has to do the two roles young and old.

Here he would like to show Chiranjeevi 10 years younger than the present age that is 60. After Syeraa Chiranjeevi is out of guard and has put on some weight and now he wants to fall in line and come into the shape.

On the other hand, there is a discussion of they should take Trisha or Nayantara for the role. There is a chance that both of them would work for the movie. Nayan for the old man and Trisha for the young man. Shreya is also under consideration.

There is a photo where Chiranjeevi is doing dumbells for his arm muscles. The idea is to reduce weight. His trainer is also seen in the photo. It is viral on the web. But right now Chiru is in America it is reported.