pm modi

One international agency and an Indian Agency have done a detailed survey on the people’s opinion n the Governance an also the decisions taken by the BJp Government during the Lockdown period.

The popularity of Modi has gone up very height on the governance basis and also on a personal basis. The people have supported all the decisions taken by the Narendra Modi and also the Cabinet Ministers here in India.

Most of the people supported the lockdown and praised the efforts of the Government in containing Covid Virus. In Telangana, the people are encouraging the CM KCR to take decisions to contain the Covi Virus.

There are places where the villagers themselves have laid the barricades. Most of the Telangana people are with the decisions of the Chief Minister.

So both the popularity graphs of the Pm Modi and the CM KCR are on the rise. They have done their best to contain the Covid Virus apart from helping the poor people in need.

Both the state and the centre have given money to poor people. KCR has transferred money from the Post office also if the people had no bank accounts.