“The Telangana State was formed when Sri Narasimhan was the Governor said KCR the CM. He was speaking at the farewell organised for the Governor.

TRS came to power twice during his tenure ship. I have a special relationship with him. I always regarded his as an elderly gentleman and elder brother. He also did not treat me as a CM but as a younger brother. He used to discuss with me about the pros and cons of several schemes introduced by the government.


He used to inquire about the aims and objectives of the schemes. He immensely liked KCR Kits, Haritha Haram, Double Bed Room Houses and Mission Bhagiratha schemes. He expressed satisfaction that these schemes are very useful for the poor. He also used to inquire about the financial situation in the state.

He would pat me and instil confidence in me whenever sometimes I was hurt or faced adverse conditions. He would bless me that since I was working for the welfare of people, I should make my human effort and God would shower his blessings. He always wanted that every task that is undertaken should be accomplished. Each time I went to Raj Bhavan he would affectionately talk with me.


He would discuss all matters with me. He has turned Raj Bhavan into Praja Vedika. Anyone had a chance to go to Raj Bhavan and convey the problems they are facing. For all those visited Raj Bhavan, the Governor couple used to comfort them like parents.

The Governor used to explain about the good work done by the Telangana State government to the Central Ministers and Central Institutions. This has got us several appreciations.

He also showed initiative in solving issues between the Telangana State and Andhra Pradesh State,” the CM said.