kesineni nani

Both of them have abused each other with the choicest of words. They have been attacking each other on twitter since the elections. After getting elected they continued the same. Nani is a TDP MP and PV Prasad is from YSRC.

PVP said that he would send Telugu and English teachers for Kesineni. Adding further he offered to go to Nani’s officer or house and hit him. PVP abused Nnai on a personal basis.

Nani and PVP

Nani called PVP as a financial criminal. It has to be seen how long this fight will continue. It is reported that the followers of Nani are trying to take on YSRC leader PV Prasad.

Prasad has recently entered politics Via YSRC. He lost to Nani from Vijayawada. There were rumours that Nani would be joining the BJP soon. But Nani and Galla Jaydev chose to stay with the TDP and Chandrababu Naidu.