Nani and Nithin to clash on OTT platform


The producers and distributors have been breathing fire on the makers of Tuck Jagadish and Maestro for locking festival release dates on OTT. The films of Nithin and Nani will be releasing on the OTT for Vinayaka Chavithi.

The exhibitors who would be releasing movies on regular theatres are worrying that people would stick to the OTT on the same day because of the festival holiday.

They say that this would dent the theatrical revenues of other releases, which isn’t an encouraging sign. It remains to be seen if the makers of Tuck Jagadish and Maestro will alter their release dates now.

The exhibitor’s associations have already warned the big producer Suresh Babu for releasing the Narapaa movie of Venkatesh on OTT. Suresh has sold Narappa for a profit to the OTT.

Now that the theatres are not getting the audience in full, most of the producers want to go for the OTT release which is a safe bet. But big films on the OTT would disturb the theatre releases on Holidays.

Suresh is now planning to release Drishyam and also Virataparvam on OTT. He wants to see that the producers don’t get losses. When questioned about the future of the theatres, Suresh says that he is also running 1200 theatres and has the same issue as others.

He is also losing money on the theatres front.