Murugdoss is in news for his film Sarkar. It is reported that the police went to his house and knocked at the door several times. But knowing about this ahead, he avoided staying in the house.

Sarkar which was doing OK business has now got all the publicity because of the government and police. It is running with packed houses. The film shows that Vijay the hero has political ambitions and that he has criticised the ruling governments in the state and centre.

People are enjoying the movie in bits and parts and now that some Ministers have gone against it, the movie is running with packed houses. Even Prince Mahesh tweeted to Murugadoss on the success of the movie. The movie is average but some parts are highlights and they are against the questioning. Vijay questions the present governments.


One of the Ministers from Tamilnadu opined that Vijay is questioning like a Maoist and wanted the scenes to be deleted from the movie. Sun pictures informed that the police wanted to arrest the director Murugadoss. Murugadoss tweeted that the police came for his arrest and left as he was not at home.

The government has made an average film a super hit by trying to arrest the director and condemning the hero Vijay.