Movie review -Gaddalakonda Ganesh


Valmiki changed to Gaddalakonda Ganesh which has been released today is good and people can watch it once. Harish Shanker has proved that he can hold the audience for a long time with his abilities.

Even after some controversy with the title,the movie has been accepted by the audience very well. The first half of the film runs like anything but the second half is a bit slow. But overall it is an Om movie. Varun Tej has got one more movie to his credit we can say. The lady Pooja Hegde has done well and she is here to stay.
The yelluvacchi Godaramma song remixed is good.

Music by Mikcy J mayor is an asset to the movie and here he has done mass music. Mickey is known for soft and melody music. But or Harish he has done a mas masala music and he has done well.

varuntejThe dialogues are good.

Here in this movie, a director wants a gangster for his film and Varun is the gangster. Why Varun becomes a Ganesh and then how he turns a director is a question. That is the crux of the movie. Overall it is a good movie. It is one man show of Varun and he has taken the entire movie on his shoulders and the director Harish has done exceedingly well.

The director should go with the original story of Jigarthanda. He should not have changed in the second half. The camera work is excellent. The makeup man has also done well.

Starring: Varun Tej and Pooja Hegde
Music :Mickey J mayor
Production: 14 reels
Direction: Harish Shankar