Telangana state is brimming with welfare activity since last 4 years. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is all the time thinking about the welfare of the people. All the states now are looking at Telangana and the welfare schemes going on in Telangana. Prime Minister Modi personally has endorsed that KCR is a matured person and has developed Telangana in comparison with Andhra.


Few more schemes are being added in Telangana from August 15nth. Eye Checkup, insurance for farmers and another host of things. The development schemes are taking such a pace as if elections are fast approaching. There is a thinking that KCR might give a surprise and go for elections by December.

The same was discussed with PM Modi. Along with Telangana, 3 other states might go for polls by this year-end. Taking this into account the Telangana government is on an implementation spree. KTR the son of CM and IT Minister is touring the length and breadth of the state and talking about the welfare and development going on in Telangana.


If there is any state which can be sure of development it is Telangana and if there is any leader coming to power for sure it is KCR for the time being.