Rahul Gandhi-Narendra Modi

The so-called Magic train of PM Narendra Modi with the people of India is heading for a bad accident said Rahul Gandhi the chief of Congress party. He was the MPs in the parliamentary party meeting and said that there only bad days and no Achche Din. Where are the Achche din he questioned?

The RSS and the BJP are systematically penetrating and destroying the Temples of the democracy he said. Modi is an autocratic and incompetent driver leading the public of India to a disaster he said. Modi does not bother about the plight of the passengers and does not care about their future, Rahul condemned.

PM Narendra Modi

Give a hope to the poor and needy, come to the rescue of women and protect them he suggested to the Congress MPs. We are here at a time when there is crisis of governance in India under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi and it is marred by Corruption he said. Rahul said that there is total economic failure, incompetence and social divisiveness is at its peak he explained. Rahul opined that the Congress has helped in building the nation and the BJP is bent upon dividing the Nation.