Modis political speech

PM Modi who was in Hyderabad for GES meet not only addressed a BJP meeting here at the airport but also reeled out his achievements at the summit with statistics.

Modi talked about the power situation, common grid, Jan Dhan accounts and reeled out most of the achievements of the BJP Government.

Modis political speech

Modi who is in the midst of the Gujarat election campaign rushed to Gujarat from Hyderabad last night.

He has successfully used the GES podium for luring the businessmen and women apart from making a point to the voters that they did well. He also reminded us of the economic ratings.

Modis political speech

Modi did not talk about the Hyderabad metro but said that he would support Telangana for further development. Modi encouraged KTR the Son of CM KCR during the launch of metro and also while travelling in the metro for about 10 minutes.

The BJP cadres are also thrilled that Modi took time out to talk to them in Hyderabad.

After all, he is a grass root man from Chai wala to PM. If he gets Gujarat again there is no stopping for BJP and Modi.

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