PM Narendra Modi made a proposal to the party which he branded as a naturally corrupt party (NCP) that they would work together. After praising NCP in open in the parliament, Modi met Sharad Pawar in the parliament and suggested they should work together for the sake of Maharashtra.

Modi also offered a central minister post to Supriya Sule the daughter of Sharad Pawar. Pawar just acknowledged Modi by thanking him and ignored the proposal.

It looks like Sharad Pawar is planning for the unity of the opposition now. He could project himself as the PM candidate in the near future and also an alternative to Modi at the centre.

Pawar will turn 80 on December 12. We can expect some crucial statements from Pawar on his birthday. When Fadnavis and Shah failed to clinch a deal with NCP, they had no other option but to filed Modi to trap Pawar.

But Pawar stuck to his guns and made Uddhav the CM of Maharashtra. Pawar thinks Uddhav the CM will take care of him and also Ajit Pawar. Congress was also convinced that It is right to split Uddhav from the BJP.

Now BJP does not have an ally called Shiv Sena. Sena is not purely a Hindu party now.