Modi turns 71- Image boosting programs


Today is Modis birthday. The BJP is planning a three-week program to boost the image of Modi. While the Congress party is doing a program against Modi.

More than a year after the first Covid-19 lockdown, the unemployment rate is still above pre-pandemic levels, with the manufacturing sector seen to have shed about 10 million jobs permanently and most new opportunities in services turning out to be low-paying gigs.

That’s hardly a reason for cheer in an economy where private consumption makes up some 60% of gross domestic product.

Many economists see this as a recipe for a bumpy recovery. Although the latest quarterly headline growth numbers look good, GDP, when adjusted for base effect, is much weaker than it was before the pandemic.

The main opposition Congress party panned the birthday events, with plans to mark Sept. 17 as #NationalUnemploymentDay, the president of the party’s youth wing Srinivas B.V. said on Twitter.