Prime Minister Narendra Modi today has interacted with the Finance Minister and also another official to understand the situation in the country. There is a chance that the Government might announce another round of help for the Banks and other institutions to revive the economy in a big way.

The lockdown, on the other hand, has been extended till May 17. Till such time all the Red zones and the orange zones will be under stick vigil. The Government, on the other hand, has given som relaxations to see the business comes on to the rails.

The workers who have migrated are being allowed to go back to their villages in special strains. So far no decision has been taken on the services of Air and Rail.

Prime Minister is scheduled to meet many other officials of various Ministries and wants to strategies ith them as to him to rejuvenate the finances across the country.

Minister for Finance Nirmala Seetharman is interacting with the Big and small business people on revival if he economy and what the Government has to do for the same.

A series of sops from the Ministery of Finance is expected to come by 17nthof his month.