modi trump

PM Modi has agreed to supply anti-malarial drugs to other countries. To this extent, the lifts on these drugs have been lifted by the BJp Government.

American President Donald Trump earlier sought the help of Prime Minister Modi to supply Hydroxychloquine tables for curing the Corona in the USA.

India uses Hydroxychloquie tables for curing Malaria. The USA is using the same along with the combination of some other drugs to cure the Corona itis reported.

The Corona cases and deaths are on the rise in America. There is a scarcity of food and the Indians in America are suffering from various issues.

They want to return to India desperately. Meanwhile, India is starting the local plane service from 15nthof this month. Let’s hope the situation will ease down further and soon we will also start international flights also.

There is all-round appreciation from all the countries that Modi the Pm of India is able to tackle the Corona very effectively.